How Much Do Leaders Care?

It is true that no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care


1.    A husband and father earns the right to lead his family by caring for his wife and children.

2.    A minister earns the right to preach by caring for his congregation.

3.    A physician earns the right to teach medical students and residents by caring for them, and the right to influence and even direct his patients by caring for them.

4.    A commander earns the right to command by caring for his soldiers.

5.    A manager earns the right to lead by caring for his employees.

6.    A teacher earns the right to teach by caring for his students.

7.    A king earns the right to rule and a prime minister or president earns the right to preside (exercise authority or control) by caring for his citizens.


Caring is not merely feeling benevolent emotions.  Actually, since emotions are merely a side effect of thoughts and actions, benevolent emotions are an outgrowth, not a cause or a definition, or caring.  Leaders who care do the following for those who follow them:


1.    Learn about them

2.    Pray for them

3.    Encourage them

4.    Talk to them

5.    Listen to them

6.    Rebuke them

7.    Mentor them

8.    Teach them

9.    Be accountable to them