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We live in a fallen world. Romans 8 reveals that all creation is groaning under sin and waiting for the redemption that will only occur at the final advent of Christ. In the meantime, humans do all we can to prevent emergencies and disasters. When we can’t prevent them, we try to minimize the suffering and destruction that they cause.

Jesus also calls His people to fight for justice. Many people worldwide have been unjustly imprisoned for holding different political views from those in power. More troubling to Christians, many brother and sisters in Christ are imprisoned for their faith in Him. Anyone, from groups to individuals, can write letters to prisoners to encourage them in righteousness and push for their release, knowing that their captors will undoubtedly see the letters as well.

Part of the fight for justice is electing people to positions of power who believe in a standard of truth outside themselves. God the embodiment of truth, and His followers are not swayed into falsehood by the shouts of those who hate Him. Christians never put their trust in man (Psalms 118), but do all they can to elect the right people and promote the right policies in their area and nation.

Global Action Research

Disaster and Emergency Operations Center

  1. Global monitoring – air traffic, marine traffic, satellite, weather, disaster
  2. Emergency and Disaster education
  3. Coordination between national and international partners, especially churches, and local organizations in affected areas, for emergency and disaster relief.
  4. Firefighter and disaster relief services
  5. Wise direction of prayer and resources.

The team at MDHI plays a role in emergency and disaster preparedness and response. We work with the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department and the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists. In addition to normal fire and disaster duties, we provide chaplaincy services, including preaching, teaching, counseling, and music.

Pick up a copy of the Firefighter 1 and 2 Study Guide. It will help you pass your FF 1 and 2 classes. The book is also a terrific resource of department training officers and a great review for more experienced firefighters. Also, the Weapons of Mass Destruction, CBRN, and HAZMAT Incident Management guide is a great resource.

Disaster and Emergency Resource Links

Crime and Law Enforcement 

Disease Outbreak and Mortality Operations

Disaster Operations

International Organizations

Air and Space Internet Tracking Station

The MDHI Air and Space Internet Tracking Station tracks air- and spacecraft. We focus on the the Zarya International Space Station, the Otter Pup (Starfish Space), and STF-1 (the IV and V of NASA West Virginia). Additionally, the MDHI Tracking Station follows other objects as needed for information, safety, and security reasons. For example, the Otter Pup had a thruster failure, and though it can still change its orientation it can no longer change its orbit. While still conducting valuable experiments, Otter Pup can no longer dock with other satellites.

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Prison Involvement

Response Organizations

Security and Terrorism

Political Center

Politics is not the most important thing in the world, though many people act like it is. No man or woman, no matter how much power they seem to have, can fix the multitude of troubles that we face. As the root problem of humanity is sin in the human heart, God alone can overcome this evil within us. No statute or regulation can make a perfectly just society.

Nonetheless, politics deals with people working together to make their community, nation, and world the best it can be. To that end, the MDHI includes resource links to help people get involved.

Political Resource Links

Political Almanac, Analysis and Commentary

Polling and Marketing

Vendors and Training