Soccer Tips from Coach Mark

How to give your players a fun and developmental soccer season.

I have coached soccer for school aged boys and girls for about three years and served as a sports medicine physician for a wide variety of sports for six years. Whether I am the team coach, the team doctor, or just a fan, I always have five goals for the game, in order of importance:

  1. No one gets hurt.
  2. Kids have fun.
  3. Kids learn leadership, teamwork, and character.
  4. Each child gets to play every position.
  5. Our team wins.

To accomplish those three goals in soccer, I have included some information for players and parents to learn. Practices are twice per week and games once per week. Players should practice at home five or six days per week.

Home practice includes:

  1. Conditioning – 10 sprints of 30 yards each per day, stretching and resistance training
  2. Dribbling – kicking the soccer with both feet, inside and outside, and with the top of the foot. Do not kick with the toe.
  3. Passing and Receiving – pass the ball to a friend. Receive it again with two touches, one to stop the ball and the other to kick the ball back.
  4. Shooting – kick the ball with the top of your foot, hard and straight.
  5. Learning – Review the rules and watch high school, college and professional games.

Team practice

  1. Pay attention. Those who do not cooperate will lose playing time during the game.
  2. Try hard. Now is your best time to get better.
  3. Have fun.

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