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Ahlan wa sahlan (Arabic), Baruch haba (Hebrew), Bienvenido (Spanish), Bienvenue (French), Dobro požalovat’ (Russian), Huanyong guanglin (Mandarin), Khosh amadid (Persian), Svagat (Hindi), Wilkommen (German)!

Welcome to the MD Harris Institute! Since 2011 we have educated, encouraged, and edified our visitors, over 6500 per month from more than 160 countries, so that all may walk in the truth. Our staff have traveled in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia to engage people, pastors, patients, businesses, and governments to bring teaching, health, economic support, and to promote freedom. Finally, MD Harris Institute staff conduct research and publish on the topics that you find on this website.

To support readers in their day to day lives, the MD Harris Institute has included Wisdom on Wealth and Resonant Relationships which feature verses, quotes, and other words of power. Meditating on and following these ideas will improve and empower lives. We also have full length articles on these important topics.

How to find something at the MD Harris Institute

  1. Type a key word into the Search box to the right
  2. Click on one of the categories in the menu at the top of the page and scroll down to find an article of interest
  3. Search the archives to the right by month

Featured MD Harris Institute Posts

  1. Calendar Highlights 2017
  2. Date in History
  3. David Harris’ Disaster Database (in the Virtual EOC)

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you…and give you peace.

The Latest in the News

  1. Al Jazeera (Arab World)
  2. Associated Press (AP – International)
  3. BBC News (British Broadcasting Company – UK)
  4. China Daily News (US Edition)
  5. CNN (Cable News Network – US)
  6. Der Spiegel (German News Magazine)
  7. Deutsche Welle (German News)
  8. Fox News (US)
  9. International Newspapers Online
  10. Jerusalem Post (Israel)
  11. People’s Daily News (China Communist Party)
  12. Reporters without Borders (Media freedom advocates)
  13. Reuters News Agency (International)
  14. Times of India
  15. Wall Street Journal
  16. World Magazine

The Latest in Commentary and Opinion

  1. Political Commentary by Peter Roff, Contributing Editor for US News & World Report
  2. Economic Updates from Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist of the National Association of Manufacturers.
  3. Defense Reports by John Venable, Senior Research Fellow for Defense Policy at the Heritage Foundation
  4. Market Insights from one of the best financial companies, USAA.
  5. World Mapper – maps highlighting different aspects of the world

Global Information

  1. Google Translate – Online translator
  2. ITranslate – App translator
  3. Mapcarta – World Maps
  4. National Geographic Maps
  5. Omniglot – World languages and phrases
  6. Operation World – A Daily Prayer Guide to Every Nation
  7. Time and Date – date calculator, time zone converters, perpetual calendar, international dialing codes and meeting planners
  8. US traffic and road closure information – traffic alerts, cameras, and other information from the Federal Highway Administration
  9. Weather Channel
  10. World Clock – time anywhere in the world
  11. US Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book – Maps and statistics on every country

Virtual Information Center

George Santayana (1863-1952), the Spanish philosopher, opined that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” As such everyone should keep a sense of history, no matter what they are doing. People should also be well informed about the world around them.

Analysis and Policy Organizations

  1. American Enterprise Institute (AEI) – Critical Threats
  2. Brookings Institute
  3. Cato Institute
  4. Center for Immigration Studies
  5. Center for Strategic and International Studies
  6. CNA – DIME analysis
  7. East-West Center
  8. Economist – News and analysis
  9. Global Firepower Index – comparison of the world’s militaries
  10. Global Security
  11. Heritage Foundation
  12. Hudson Institute
  13. IHS Jane’s 360 – Military and Industrial analysis
  14. National Academies (science, engineering, research)
  15. Pew Research Center – numbers, facts and trends shaping the world
  16. RAND Corporation
  17. STRATFOR Global Intelligence – DIME analysis
  18. Virtual Biosecurity Center
  19. Woodrow Wilson International Center 


  1. Archeological Institute of America
  2. Biblical Archeological Society 
  3. Nautical Archeology Society 

Business and Finance Center

President Calvin Coolidge once said that “The chief business of the American people is business.” As true today as in 1925, the Business and Finance Center provides information to help readers succeed.

  1. Bloomberg – News
  2. CNBC – News
  3. CNN Money – News
  4. FAQs – Internet Frequently Asked Questions archive
  5. Fitch – Ratings
  6. Fox Business – News
  7. Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
  8. Investopedia – Basic Information about Investing
  9. McKinsey – Management
  10. Moody’s – Business Research
  11. National Association for Business Economics
  12. National Association of Manufacturers
  13. National Association of Realtors
  14. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) – Business Analysis
  15. Standard and Poor – Ratings, Indices and Data

Environmental Protection Center

Mankind has only one world on which to live, and have not done a very good job thus far of preserving and protecting it. We can, and must, do better.

  1. Endangered species list (Worldwide)
  2. Environmental Protection Agency
  3. US National Park Service


  1. American Historical Association
  2. Best of history websites
  3. Dates in History
  4. History internet sourcebook
  5. Hungarian history – Corvinus Library
  6. Military history online
  7. US National Security Archive – George Washington University


  1. American Arbitration Association
  2. Resolve – resolve customer disputes with businesses


  1. American Institute of Philanthropy 
  2. Chronicle of Philanthropy 


  1. American Academy of Religion
  2. Blue Letter Bible
  3. Christian Concern – Proclaiming Jesus in public life, including the media, government, and politics
  4. Christianity Today – Christian and church news worldwide
  5. Christians in the Visual Arts
  6. Emel – Muslim magazine
  7. Evangelical Missiological Society
  8. Evangelical Theological Society
  9. Fellowship for the Performing Arts
  10. Hinduism Today – Hindu magazine
  11. Joshua Project – Bringing definition to the unfinished task of reaching the world for Christ
  12. Journal of World Christianity 
  13. Kripke Center – Religious Studies, Christian-Jewish-Muslim relations
  14. Moment – Jewish magazine
  15. National Congregrations Study – Periodic study of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and other congregations
  16. Open Doors – Serving Persecuted Christians Worldwide
  17. Religion News Service 
  18. Tricycle – Buddhist magazine
  19. World Parliament of Religions 

US Department of Defense Unified Combatant Commands

  1. AFRICOM – Africa
  2. CENTCOM – Middle East and Central Asia
  3. EUCOM – Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  4. NORTHCOM – North America
  5. PACOM – The Pacific Basin
  6. SOCOM – Special Operations Forces
  7. SOUTHCOM – South America and the Caribbean

US Governmental Intelligence Organizations – Intelligence Member Agencies

Watchdog and Other Cultural Reports

  1. Amnesty International – Promoting Human Rights
  2. Anti-Defamation League – Opposing anti-Semitism worldwide
  3. Committee to Protect Journalists – US Based
  4. Financial Action Task Force (FATF)International watchdog on money laundering and terrorism financing
  5. Freedom House – Reporting on freedom worldwide
  6. Persecution – Evaluating persecution of Christians worldwide
  7. Transparency International – Evaluates global corruption
  8. US State Department Report – Religious Freedom, Human Rights, Trafficking-in-Persons, US Treaty, Universal Periodic Review, Advancing Freedom and Democracy
  9. Walk Free Foundation Tracks global slavery
  10. World Values Survey – Religious, cultural, and economic information throughout the world

Virtual Sports and Entertainment Center

American Football

  1. International Federation of American Football
  2. National Football League
  3. The Super Bowl

Badminton – Badminton World Federation


  1. International Baseball Federation
  2. Major League Baseball


  1. International Basketball Federation
  2. National Basketball Association


  1. International Cycling Union
  2. Tour de France
  3. USA Cycling

Cricket – International Cricket Council

Field Hockey – International Field Hockey Federation


  1. International Football Federation
  2. Major League Soccer


  1. ESPN
  2. European Sports – Eurosport
  3. International Military Sports Council (CISM)
  4. International Olympic Movement
  5. National Collegiate Athletic Association
  6. Sports Illustrated
  7. US Olympics
  8. World Air Sports Federation
  9. World Police and Fire Games


  1. PGA Championship
  2. The Masters – US
  3. The Open Championship (The British Open) – Scotland
  4. US Open

Horse Racing

  1. Belmont
  2. Kentucky Derby
  3. Preakness Stakes
  4. The Grand National, England

Ice Hockey

  1. International Ice Hockey Federation
  2. National Hockey League

Martial Arts

  1. Black Belt Magazine
  2. Black Belt Wikipedia
  3. International Fencing Association
  4. International Field Archery Association
  5. International Shooting Sport Federation
  6. World Archery Federation
  7. World Taekwondo Federation

Motor Sports 

  1. International Automobile Federation
  2. Le Mans

Polo – International Polo

Table Tennis – International Table Tennis Federation

Rugby – World Rugby Board


  1. Boston Marathon
  2. Ironman Triathlon
  3. US Army Ten Miler
  4. US Marine Corps Marathon

Sailing – America’s Cup

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

  1. National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
  2. Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) 


  1. Australian Open
  2. French Open
  3. US Open
  4. Wimbledon, England

Volleyball – International Volleyball Federation

General to discover what channels you can get with an antenna in your area and which type of antenna is needed to receive them.


  1. Paramount Pictures
  2. Sony Pictures – Columbia
  3. Twentieth Century Fox
  4. Universal Studios
  5. Walt Disney Studios
  6. Warner Brothers


KMDH Classic Music – 500 years of the Western World’s Greatest Music

Performing Arts

  1. Fellowship for the Performing Arts
  2. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


  1. Watch TV Shows and Movies – Hulu, Crackle, etc.
  2. American Broadcasting Company
  3. CBS – Formerly Columbia Broadcasting System
  4. Fox Broadcasting Company
  5. National Broadcasting Company

Spanish Language Television

  1. Telemundo
  2. Univision


Youtube – Individual, group and other videos


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