A Conservative Letter on Black Friday

Being true to conservative ideals on the biggest spending day of the year.

I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, doing typical conservative things like enjoying family and friends, eating well, and giving thanks to God and others for the amazing blessings that we enjoy.

Let’s be sure that we celebrate Black Friday in the same conservative manner:

1. Don’t spend too much, because we fiscal conservatives are concerned about personal debt. Fiscal responsibility, after all, starts at home. 

2. Don’t spend too much, because the government already takes away too much of our hard earned money. Purchases come with sales tax, and many other taxes. 

3. Don’t spend too much, because everything that we buy we then have to transport, store, maintain, use, and finally dispose of. These activities take our time, our energy, our resources, and our focus, which we could better use addressing the problems in our communities. 

4. Don’t spend too much, because stores full of customers requires stores full of employees. These employees therefore can’t be home today enjoying their friends and families. 

5. Don’t spend too much, because much of what we buy comes from China, and other places that are not our friends. We end up financing those who would do us harm, and impeding our own national security. 

6. Don’t spend too much, because our worth is not in the stuff that we have, or don’t have, but because of our position as children of God. 

Enjoy your friends and family. Happy Black Friday, 


Author: MD Harris Institute

MD, MPH, MBA, MDiv, PhD, ThM, DECBA Colonel, US Army (ret)

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