New Religious Movements

A compendium of book reviews on common texts in Witchcraft, Wiccan, Paganism, and other new religious movements. 

The world seems to be growing ever more diverse, and with modern communication and transportation making the world smaller than ever, each person can come in contact with ideas vastly different from his or her own. More than at any time in history, Christians and members of other religions are challenged in their faith by a smorgasbord of ideas. The internet allows each person to speak to the world, if the world can find his website, and social media such as Twitter and Facebook allows each person to send a message to millions of others, if millions of people wish to follow her.

The secular modernist of 100 years ago would probably be dismayed to see the world today, for religion has become more, not less, important. From ISIS in the Fertile Crescent to the growth of Christianity in Communist China, the disruptions of the modern world have caused more people to seek meaning in faith than ever before.

I have begun a formal study of world religions, a journey which is growing more fascinating with each reading project, each visit, and each interview. As part of that journey I have been reviewing books and articles on various subjects. I will be posting some of these reviews on Hopefully they will be useful to others as they encounter the smorgasbord of ideas, and challenges to their faith, in the 21st century.

Book Review – Magical Religion and Modern Witchcraft

Book Review – Witchcraft and Magic

Book Review – Witching Culture

Journal Article Review – The Pagan Explosion Revisited

Journal Article Review – The Status of Witchcraft in the Modern World

Book Review – Violence and New Religious Movements

Book Review – Moon Sisters, Krishna Mothers and Rajneesh Lovers

The Cults of the Millennium