Culture and Ethnography

God made the universe and He created it in accordance with His love, righteousness and infinity. However each person sees the universe differently depending on his or her culture and other factors. In my study of world religions, philosophy and history, I have reviewed many works on culture and how to study it. I have included some reviews here.

Book Review – Basics of Qualitative Research

Book Review – Ethnographic Interview

Book Review – Ethnography Participant Observation

Book Review – Ethnography Step by Step

Book Review – Globe-Trotting in Sandals

Book Review – Projects in Ethnographic Research

Book Review – Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design

Book Review – Qualitative Interviewing

Book Review – Transforming Worldviews

Ethnography – Persian Christians

Ethnography of Persian Christians – Presentation

Selection, Sampling and Statistical Analysis in Ethnographic Research

Statistics in Studies – Lecture

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