Sermons and Sunday School Lessons

This is a compendium of sermons and Sunday School lessons that I have given over decades of Christian ministry. I update them and use them whenever appropriate to meet new ministry needs.

1 Kings 19 – Seeing the Invisible

Nehemiah 8 – The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Nehemiah 6 – Stopping the Good Work

Ezekiel 16 – Mistakes We Makes in Times of Tragedy

Habakkuk 3 – Coping with God’s Plan

Looking at the Nativity from Three Centuries


Luke 23 – The Greatest Power

Luke 24 – Our Tame God

John 6 – Nearly Undone by Success

John 20 – When We Refuse to Believe

1 Peter 2 – Aliens and strangers

1 Peter 2 – Obeying when it is Hard

1 Peter 3 – Ready for Trouble

1 Peter 4 – Suffering – How to Think and How to Act

1 Peter 4 – Suffering – The Way of Christ

1 Peter 5 – Christian Leadership in Times of Crisis

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