Are US Military Members Today Weaker Than in the Past?

The US military is the strongest in the world, and the strongest in history. However, it is a fighting force, not a bed for social engineering and experimentation. In this business of life and death, religious faith is a source of strength. It should be encouraged, not penalized. 

On a recent speaking trip I was asked if cultural changes in the US military had emasculated it compared to the past. This is a daunting question, but like all questions, the first step in answering it is to define one’s terms. Aside from the anatomic definition, a reasonable definition of emasculation is “to deprive of strength or vigor, to weaken.”

In 2009 the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking member of the US military, called experts in various fields together to try to identify all of the components of fitness, collectively termed Total Force Fitness (TFF). His goal was to improve all aspects of fitness in US military members. After long deliberation and study, the group identified the following areas:

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