Bridging Strategic Thinking with Tactical Operations

Living in a complex world, leaders need to think strategically to pick the right jobs, and tactically to get the jobs done. How do you do that?  

The Need for and Difficulties Getting the Strategic View

The Service Secretaries, Chiefs of Staff, Surgeons General, and other senior military leaders regularly send out updates on what is happening in their world to their subordinates. The Army Chief of Staff, for example, sends out a regular update on priorities to all Army colonels. These are rarely more than one to two pages, but in the hustle and bustle of daily activities, often do not get read. Leaders rely on the news, local word of mouth, or perhaps nothing at all, to build their mental picture of what is going on outside their organization; the environment in which they work. Without a desire to see and a clear view of the greater strategic situation, military units and other organizations fail.

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