Ballroom Dancing

Songs and dances for fathers to dance at their daughter’s weddings and other important occasions. 

By Mark D. Harris

My daughter Anna is getting married, and I have been taking dance lessons. As any real dancer reading the following can tell, I am no dancer. Yet, like many a lead footed father, I am willing to try. My youngest daughter tells me that when she gets married, I had better be a terrific dancer. I anticipate having a few years, but I need to get on it.

The following list is an attempt to match the right dance with the right song, knowing that many dance styles can be used for many different songs. It is also a memory aid, as it can be hard to remember every dance move, especially when you don’t practice every day.

Principles of dancing

  1. Women dance because women like to dance. Men dance because women like to dance.
  2. The man’s purpose in dancing is to make the woman look good.

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