Coronavirus 2020 Q&A

18115_lores[1]Learn how to protect your friends, your family, and yourself from the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is big news throughout the world, with over 90,000 cases and 3,000 deaths so far. It does not show many signs of abating. I have corresponded with journalists writing articles on this topic for the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone magazine, and other venues. But since I am most concerned for (and praying for, even last night), our readers and subscribers at the MD Harris Institute, I want to share important coronavirus information with you.

US and world public health authorities, such as the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are developing and following scientific protocols for quarantine, isolation, and personal protective measures. Hospitals are ramped up for detection and treatment. Top scholars are researching the virus and searching for treatments and vaccines. Many people have died, and more will, both in the US and abroad, but we want to minimize that number. The coronavirus is a serious challenge to all of us, as individuals and as nations, and we must face it as individuals and as nations. As with every other threat in life, governments can only partially protect us; we must protect ourselves and our families.  

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