The War of 1812

Reenactors and Living Historians in 2013 reveled in the 150th anniversary of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg, some of the most monumental battles of the American Civil War. Thousands of participants, tens of thousands of spectators, and merchants of all kinds have gathered to relive these events that shaped our nation and its people forever. 2013… Read More The War of 1812

Battle Briefs

Napoleon Bonaparte and Frederick the Great agreed that to master military science, a student must study the campaigns of the great generals and admirals before him. In that spirit, this section contains slide presentations that have been used effectively in teaching military principles. They describe battles and campaigns in military history. Trafalgar 1805 WW2 –… Read More Battle Briefs

Bridging Strategic Thinking with Tactical Operations

The Need for and Difficulties Getting the Strategic View The Service Secretaries, Chiefs of Staff, Surgeons General, and other senior military leaders regularly send out updates on what is happening in their world to their subordinates. The Army Chief of Staff, for example, sends out a regular update on priorities to all Army colonels. These… Read More Bridging Strategic Thinking with Tactical Operations