MDH Sermons

Serving as a minister of the gospel is the greatest task in the world. I have been blessed to serve as a pastor at Coronado Baptist Church in El Paso TX and Memorial Baptist Church in Beckley WV. Here are a few sermons that I have been privileged to preach.

Memorial Baptist Church

22 Nov 2020 – Nebuchadnezzar – Your Love is Your Life

19 Dec 2021 – Herod, Face of Evil

11 Dec 2022 – Jesus, a Gift Greater than any Man

When a Christian Ends His Own Life

Will a genuine believer in Jesus Christ who kills himself still go to heaven?

By Mark D. Harris

My wife called me at work several weeks ago; the morning was good but the news was not. Our daughter had been perusing her friends’ posts on Facebook and saw some from one family that were unclear but disturbing. We called them, close personal friends for over 15 years, and learned that their oldest son had killed himself.

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