Shooting with Sons

Shooting, including hunting, tactical training, and target practice, is both enjoyable and educational. It is a good way to enjoy friends and family, and to provide for and protect yourself and those you love in times of need. Safe shooting should be a core skill for all interested Americans. Fathers should teach their sons not to fear guns but to master them.  

By Mark D. Harris

Last week I went to the gun range to shoot with one of my sons. Over the years, members of our family have spent many hours on ranges and hunting grounds from Alaska to Germany. Shooting is a useful skill and a pleasant pastime, and we were glad to find the range open again after COVID-19. Many would have us fear guns. They would take them away from us, as the Nazis did to the German people in the 1930s. A better choice is for fathers to learn to use weapons of all sorts and teach their sons (and daughters) how to use them responsibly.

Parents, more than teachers, friends, or anyone else, will answer to God for how well they treated and trained the little ones that He entrusted to their care. From ethics to personal finance, parents train their children. Self-defense should be included.

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