70 Ways to Beat Inflation and Save the Environment

How to reduce spending, save resources, thrive financially, and protect the environment in this time of poor governance and economic uncertainty.

By Mark D, Harris

Inflation is higher than it has been in America since 1974. It is not merely a policy problem, but a major financial threat for every family in America, and most families throughout the world. Regardless of what one thinks about policy, we all need practical ways that we can fight inflation.

Simultaneously, we all want a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Many things that you and I do protect our pocketbooks also protect our environment. People who want to protect the natural world ought to be doing most, or all, of what they see below. We can all walk our talk better. Here’s how:

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Consumer Product Safety

A cautionary tale on a manufacturer who did not stand behind his product. Caveat Emptor, as the buyer needs to beware, and complain when something goes wrong.  

By Mark D. Harris

In my grandfather’s childhood in rural Arkansas, most of the food that he ate and the clothes that he wore were produced at home. His ancestors had built their own houses and furniture for generations, and store-bought goods were rare and expensive. While people knew little about foodborne illnesses and other hazards, they knew where the food and other products in their lives came from.

Such is not the case today. Our plates are filled with Indian rice, Honduran bananas, Japanese fish, or American wheat. We buy shirts from Mexico, cars from Germany, shoes from Italy, or electronics from China. Imported consumer goods are only as safe as the governments and producers in their country of origin require. A report in the New York Times stated,

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