Christianity and the Arts

How and why Christians should engage in the arts at church, at home, and in all areas of life.  **Source Images for the The Church, the Arts, and Shaping the World for Christ.** Return of the Prodigal Son – Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) Susanna and the Elders Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654-1727) Utrecht School The… Read More Christianity and the Arts

Sacralism and Calvin’s Geneva

John Calvin, the Frenchman who became one of the most famous Christian theologians and controversial figures in history, initially wanted nothing more from life than to study and write in ivory tower academia in the 16th century. Intrigued by the nascent Reformation, he first fled Paris to avoid punishment for heresy, and then was shamed… Read More Sacralism and Calvin’s Geneva

Texting between Father and Son – The Nature of Causation

An acquaintance, a devoted Catholic, shared with me a text conversation that he had with his son last weekend.  It caught my attention, so we discussed it at the dinner table at our house Wednesday night. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Father: R U going to be home to go to 9:30 mass or 1115 or 5PM? Teenage son:… Read More Texting between Father and Son – The Nature of Causation