Calendar Highlights 2017

Calendar Highlights 2017 Important days 1 Jan – New Year’s Day (US) 4 Jan – Perihelion (earth is closest to the sun, 91,404,401 million miles) 6 Jan – Golden Ratio Day (1.6/1, found in the Pyramids of Giza and many other areas of art, literature, and culture) 6 Jan – Epiphany/Three Kings Day (Church tradition… Read More Calendar Highlights 2017

Calendars, Cultures and Politics

In the absolute sense, time is dictated by the rhythms of nature as determined by the Creator. In the past it was viewed as the distance in history (as opposed to geography) between events. In that mindset, the idea of saving time was ludicrous. Time progressed at its own rate and rhythm and man could… Read More Calendars, Cultures and Politics

Advent Tree Family Devotions – December 1

Christmas Tree Genesis 1:1, 11-12, 24‑31; Genesis 3:22-24 Hang your tree up today. Plant life forms the basis of life on earth; providing oxygen, food, shade, building materials, fabrics, and fuel. Plants also remove waste products, including carbon dioxide, and other human and animal waste. Life on earth would be impossible without plants. Trees are… Read More Advent Tree Family Devotions – December 1

Advent Tree Family Devotions – Getting Started

Celebration #1 – The Advent Calendar The season of Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continues until Christmas Day. Traditionally, Advent calendars have had windows to open which mark the days between December 1 and Christmas Day. This Advent calendar is based upon the idea of marking the days between those dates and… Read More Advent Tree Family Devotions – Getting Started