Virtual Sports and Entertainment Center

People can’t deal with serious stuff all of the time; we all need a healthy helping of recreation and rest every day. Sports and other entertainment are great ways to get it.

Virtual Sports Center

American Football

  1. International Federation of American Football
  2. National Football League
  3. The Super Bowl

Badminton – Badminton World Federation


  1. International Baseball Federation
  2. Major League Baseball


  1. International Basketball Federation
  2. National Basketball Association


  1. International Cycling Union
  2. Tour de France
  3. USA Cycling

Cricket – International Cricket Council

Field Hockey – International Field Hockey Federation


  1. International Football Federation
  2. Major League Soccer


  1. ESPN
  2. European Sports – Eurosport
  3. International Military Sports Council (CISM)
  4. International Olympic Movement
  5. National Collegiate Athletic Association
  6. Sports Illustrated
  7. US Olympics
  8. World Air Sports Federation
  9. World Police and Fire Games


  1. PGA Championship
  2. The Masters – US
  3. The Open Championship (The British Open) – Scotland
  4. US Open

Horse Racing

  1. Belmont
  2. Kentucky Derby
  3. Preakness Stakes
  4. The Grand National, England

Ice Hockey

  1. International Ice Hockey Federation
  2. National Hockey League

Martial Arts

  1. Black Belt Magazine
  2. Black Belt Wikipedia
  3. International Fencing Association
  4. International Field Archery Association
  5. International Shooting Sport Federation
  6. World Archery Federation
  7. World Taekwondo Federation

Motor Sports

  1. International Automobile Federation
  2. Le Mans

Polo – International Polo

Table Tennis – International Table Tennis Federation

Rugby – World Rugby Board


  1. Boston Marathon
  2. Ironman Triathlon
  3. US Army Ten Miler
  4. US Marine Corps Marathon

Sailing – America’s Cup

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)

Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) 


  1. Australian Open
  2. French Open
  3. US Open
  4. Wimbledon, England

Volleyball – International Volleyball Federation

Virtual Entertainment Center

General to discover what channels you can get with an antenna in your area and which type of antenna is needed to receive them.


  1. Paramount Pictures
  2. Sony Pictures – Columbia
  3. Twentieth Century Fox
  4. Universal Studios
  5. Walt Disney Studios
  6. Warner Brothers


KMDH Classic Music – 500 years of the Western World’s Greatest Music

Performing Arts

  1. Fellowship for the Performing Arts
  2. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


  1. Watch TV Shows and Movies – Hulu, Crackle, etc.
  2. American Broadcasting Company
  3. CBS – Formerly Columbia Broadcasting System
  4. Fox Broadcasting Company
  5. National Broadcasting Company

Spanish Language Television

  1. Telemundo
  2. Univision


Youtube – Individual, group and other videos


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