This Day in History: 0000-08-31

31 Aug – The London cholera epidemic spread to the Soho District, killing 127 people on or near Broad Street in the first three days. Physician John Snow tracked the source to the water pump on Broad Street, and when the handle to the pump was removed on 8 Sep, the outbreak dwindled (1854).
31 Aug – Polish cavalry smashed Bolshevik invaders in the Battle of Komarow, the last great cavalry battle in history (1920).
31 Aug – The radio station 8MK in Detroit, MI, broadcast the first radio news program (1920).
31 Aug – Lawrence Olivier and Vivian Leigh, Hollywood screen stars, were married (1940).
31 Aug – Walter Cronkite began his career as anchor of CBS news, becoming the face of American news for a generation (1963).