This Day in History: 0000-02-23

23 Feb – The estimated date that Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book from movable type, and his first book, the Bible (1455).
23 Feb – The first US mill converting cotton to cloth was founded in Waltham, MA, inaugurating the expansion of the US textile industry (1813).
23 Feb – A plot by the “Spencean Philanthropists”, including trade unionists and members of the London Irish community, to assassinate every British cabinet member, known as the Cato Street conspiracy, was uncovered (1820).
23 Feb – The first US pharmacy college, the Philadelphia College of Apothecaries, was founded (1821).
23 Feb to 6 Mar – Almost 2000 soldiers under the Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna besieged and destroyed the Texan mission station at the Alamo, killing every one of the 189 defenders, including American frontiersman Davy Crockett (1836).
23 Feb – Japanese submarine I-17 shelled Ellwood, California, marking the first time that the US homeland was attacked by Axis forces in World War 2 and leading to the internment of Japanese Americans (1942).