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The MD Harris Institute Wealth (MDHIW) provides individual and organizational education on a wide range of concerns, including finance, operations, marketing, logistics, and leadership. We have worked with organizations from businesses to churches to fire departments to schools. MDHIW strives for a wise direction of Prayer and Resources.

Profitable investing includes two major parts. The first is the technical analysis, which identifies the optimal portfolio composition for each investor. Second is the subjective analysis, in which investors identify their personal investment goals, risk tolerance, funds, time, and willingness to actively manage their portfolio. Finance professionals personalize education and recommendations to their clients needs and wants.

We are concerned about justice in business operations. Shareholders, especially those holding minority interests, must be treated fairly. Management has no right to deceive or misuse the resources of investors and lenders. Cutting off financial services to certain organizations like fossil fuel or churches simply because of their nature is wrong. MDHI Wealth works to rectify these situations.

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Business and Financial Education

  • Articles on business, money, and related topics.
  • Cultural and religious diversity
  • Financial valuation
  • Forecasting and analysis, US and global.
  • Fund raising
  • General financial consultation (individuals, families, and organizations)
  • Investment project analysis (NPV, IRR) and monitoring education (stocks, bonds, commercial paper, munis, mutual funds, real estate, others)
  • Leadership Development and Governance
  • Lean Six Sigma process optimization (distribution, manufacturing, marketing, and supply chain)
  • Research (case study, cross-sectional, statistical data analysis including uni-, bi- and multivariate, parametric and non-parametric techniques).
  • Seminars at churches and other organizations.

Investment Strategy

  • Active management
  • Value criteria (low P/E, high B/M, low stock price compared to historical record, and low market capitalization)
  • Global, diversified, multimodal portfolio (stocks, bonds, futures, currencies, options, derivatives, etc.).
  • Smaller and emerging market investments with less public information are higher risk but offer opportunities.
  • Firms rated as “most admired” often provide poorer risk adjusted returns than firms ranked lower.
  • Extensive use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and other investigatory techniques.
  • Passive management
  • For 70-90% of assets, depending on investor desires.
  • Maximize diversification to minimize risk, especially company-specific risk. Vehicles include index funds.


“For where a man’s treasure is, there is his heart also.” MDHI Wealth helps followers of Christ, and those who do not yet know Him, manage their money, their careers, and their businesses in ways that glorify God and sustain man. Contact us at for information.

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Company MicroReports Archive

ACMR – 15 June 2023

Overview – ACMR sells semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It received 97% of its revenue from China in 2022.


  1. Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio – PE ratio of 13.75 suggests that ACMR is undervalued.
  2. Products – competitive
  3. Legal – ACMR is a US based company. ACMR complied with US trade restrictions, including using a US-based auditor rather than a China-based one.
  4. Resources – 1,077 of its 1,209 full time employees are in China (Shanghai) and Taiwan.  ACMR is building a new facility in Lingang, Shanghai.


  1. Conflict of Interest – Tracy Liu is listed as an independent director, but she received $75,000 for consulting services provided to ACMR in 2022, in addition to her normal board compensation.
  2. Financials – ACMR took on $56 million in short term debt in 2022, while losing $10 million in income in 2022. Assets (accounts receivable, inventories, and property, plant, and equipment (PPE)) skyrocketed, but so did debt.
  3. Geopolitical risks – Trade conflicts and technology restrictions with the US and other nations decrease ACMR’s flexibility.
  4. Governance – ACMR is a public company, but the founder and CEO, David H. Wang, controls 59.2% of total voting power.  
  5. Insider trading – Director Haiping Dun and insiders Sotheara Cheav and Lisa Feng have sold a cumulative $1.5 million in ACMR stock since March 2023. No insider has purchased stock in that time frame.
  6. Recent performance – Stock has underperformed expectations since January 2023.
  7. Sector notes – The semiconductor manufacturing industry is hypercompetitive, and ACMR faces at least 7 peer competitors.

Bottom Line – Risk averse investors should sell, risk tolerant investors should hold, and risk seeking investors may buy

Sources – MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, ACMR 10K 2022.