MDHI Group

The MD Harris Institute Group (MDHIG) provides individual and organizational education on a wide range of concerns, including finance, operations, marketing, marketing, logistics, and leadership. We have worked with organizations from businesses to churches to schools. To improve your organization, first peruse the hundreds of free articles on business and other topics. Then contact Dr. Harris at to arrange a free initial consultation. 

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Individual and Business Services Offered

  • Open Source intelligence
  • Business and Economic forecasting and analysis, US and global.
  • Investment education (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, others)
  • Investment project analysis (NPV, IRR)
  • Financial valuation
  • Supply chain and distribution optimization
  • Lean Six Sigma DMAIC.
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Marketing optimization including data acquisition and analysis.
  • Leadership Development and Governance
  • General financial consultation (individuals, families, and organizations)
  • Business Research (case study, cross-sectional, statistical data analysis including uni-, bi- and multivariate, parametric and non-parametric techniques).


“For where a man’s treasure is, there is his heart also.” The MDHI Group helps followers of Christ, and those who do not yet know Him, manage their money, their careers, and their businesses in ways that glorify God and sustain man.

This is not financial advice and you should not rely on my analysis to buy or sell any stock. I am not undertaking to induce you to buy or sell any securities. I am relying on the “publisher’s exclusion” in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to provide this information without any personalized or individualized investment advice. The MDHI Group is an educational and consultative group and not a brokerage. We do not provide SEC-regulated investment recommendations. Contact us at for information.