MD Harris Institute Public Speaking and Living History

Public Speaking Engagements

Events are important in the lives of individuals and organizations, and leaders usually have specific goals for their event. Some may wish to develop their subordinates, others to inform outside stakeholders, and still others to encourage their teams to greater accomplishment. Sometimes the main focus of an event is to heal divisions in the group. Regardless of the situation, the task of the event speaker is to discover what the event organizer wants to accomplish and then help him or her do it.

Over the years, the founder and CEO of the MD Harris Institute, Colonel (ret) Dr. Rev. Mark Harris, has received many requests to help churches, businesses, men’s groups, and other organizations accomplish their goals. Dr. Harris can address your business meeting, church or other organizational event on medical, military, or religion related topics. Everything will be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Audience Feedback

— “Fantastic presentation. Extremely well received” — Doug, urologist

Arranging an Engagement

Please provide the information in the MD Harris Institute Event Coordination Form to help coordinate your event.

Mark Harris’ fees are negotiable. Fees may be higher or lower for half-day, full-day or training programs and workshops, and non-profit rates may be lower. Please contact the MD Harris Institute at least 12 weeks prior to your event to schedule. Once terms are agreed upon, payment is due in full four weeks prior to the event or delivery of other service.

Colonel (ret) Dr. Rev. Harris travels from Daniels, WV. For in-person events, the MD Harris Institute staff will handle all travel arrangements. The cost will be added to the negotiated speaker’s fee. Fees for online events, promotional videos and other services will be expenses plus a flat rate subject to negotiation. Please contact us.

Living History Engagements –Dr. Harris and his team appear as historical and fictional characters, especially physicians. He has appeared as Lucifer in Abducted at the Memorial Baptist Church, and as Dr. Ebenezer Scrooge for the 2018 Christmas party of the Raleigh County Medical Society.

Available characters include:

  • Dr. Benjamin Rush (American Revolution)
  • Dr. Ebenezer Scrooge (Victorian Era Britain and colonial)
  • Imhotep – 27th century BC Egyptian Physician
  • Hippocrates – 460-370 BC Greek Physician
  • Charaka – 3rd century BC Indian Physician
  • Galen – AD 129-216, Roman Physician

Complete the MD Harris Institute Event Coordination Form and Contact Us to schedule. Availability is limited.