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Join Us! Many readers want to help us advance the work of Christ throughout the world; blessing both those who believe and those who do not.

  1. They want to be included in the MDHI Book Club, including early notice of new books, exclusive information, and book promotions including giveaways.
  2. They want invitations to events, a 10% discount on merchandise, and personalized prayer and blessings.
  3. They want to build a relationship with the team at the MD Harris Institute.

Joining the team at the MD Harris Institute involves three steps using the form below:

  1. Send your name and a good email address so that we can add you to our member list.
  2. Write something about yourself, including home, family, work, church or other religious organizations, other group association, and hobbies.
  3. Tell us what you hope to receive, and what you hope to give. Highlight special needs or requests that you have and how we can pray for you most effectively.

Donations for the MD Harris Institute

Thank you for financially supporting our work. Donations are not tax deductible.


Your information will not be given away or sold. We pronounce Chen Shalom and Charis Eirene on each person who visits the MD Harris Institute, each one who is influenced by our work, and most of all, each member of our ministry family.

How to Get More

The team at the MD Harris Institute wants to improve the lives of our readers, viewers, listeners, and other users. We regularly receive good feedback from our users:

  1. Many receive new insights from the Bible, science, history, and other sources.
  2. Many find resources to improve their skills in archery, martial arts, music, and other areas. Music leaders find songs with chords that they can use.
  3. Some gain peace, healing, and greater productivity from immersing themselves for a few seconds in the beautiful images of nature.
  4. Some are encouraged and entertained with the music.
  5. Many enjoy better health and fitness from the exercises and other medical information.
  6. Some learn how to have stronger families and other relationships.
  7. Quite a number report that they have become more successful at work.
  8. Students and other researchers find information that they can cite in their work.
  9. Many better understand how their lives fit into the greater world and all of history by considering the conditions, events and people of the past.
  10. Some find holidays and other commemorations more meaningful from doing the devotionals and other activities.
  11. Many find a one stop source for Emergency, Employment, Entertainment, Health Care, Science, Sports, and other websites in the Virtual Centers.
  12. Anyone who acts in accordance with what they find here, insofar as it is consistent with God as revealed in the Bible and in the natural world, will receive abundant life now and in eternity (John 10:10).

Information on Essays and Other Items

  1. To promote readability and in accordance with traditional English usage, contributors to the MD Harris Institute often use the masculine pronouns “he” or “his” in contexts that could refer to either men or women. In other contexts “his” or “her” or both are used. This usage is in no way intended to give offense to members of either sex.
  2. Medical information provided herein is general in nature and in no way establishes a physician-patient relationship between the author and the reader. Advice provided is not intended to replace that of the reader’s health care provider. Readers are encouraged to seek care for any personal health complaints.
  3. Financial and other information provided herein is also general in nature and in no way constitutes a formal financial or legal recommendation to any readers. Please seek advice from a certified financial planner, lawyer or other expert in the area of your concern.
  4. Opinions expressed are solely those of the contributors and do not reflect the official positions of any government, church or institution other than the MD Harris Institute.
  5. Unless otherwise noted, every article, photograph or other item on this website is the creation of the MD Harris Institute and the property thereof.

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  3. Marketplace and Political Center

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