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The MD Harris Institute is a Christian educational organization founded by COL (Dr.) (Ret) Mark Harris in 2011 in the metro Washington DC area. Readership grew and he began adding pictures and audio files for his users. In 2015 he added an internet radio station, KMDH Classic Music, which ended when the host organization, Live365, closed its doors. Review more of his history at LinkedIn.

Other contributors and members at the MD Harris Institute include Susan Harding, Dr. Eleanor Henry, and several others. Dr. Chad Moutray, Col (Ret) John Venable and Mr. Peter Roff graciously provide material. The MD Harris Institute also uses sermons from the late Reverend Richard Harding.

Supporting the MD Harris Institute

Readers sometimes ask what they can do to support our work at the MD Harris Institute. While just visiting our site and being built up by our work is enough, here are some other tangible ways to help strengthen our efforts:

  1. “Like” our articles
  2. Attend the events that we sponsor.
  3. Make constructive comments and correct bona fide errors. We are always looking to improve.
  4. Tell your family and friends about the MD Harris Institute and pass our work on to others
  5. Support the MD Harris Institute team in prayer.
  6. Contact us to let us know what you are doing and to ask for prayer.
  7. Take care of the needy in your community, both physically and spiritually
  8. Give financial support to the MD Harris Institute (not yet tax deductible), your local church or favorite charity.

Our team pronounces Chen Shalom and Charis Eirene on each person who visits the MD Harris Institute, and each one who is influenced by our work.

The MD Harris Institute Commercial Services

Photography – All of the images are property of the MD Harris Institute. They were taken by Mark Harris or Susan Harding. The images are for sale, however, for institutional or individual use. Please contact us.

Public speaking – Dr. Harris teaches on Medicine, Leadership, Christianity, World Religions and Cultures, Missions, Military Matters, and other topics. If you wish to have him address your group, please contact us.

Information on Essays and Other Items

  1. To promote readability and in accordance with traditional English usage, contributors to the MD Harris Institute often use the masculine pronouns “he” or “his” in contexts that could refer to either men or women. In other contexts “his” or “her” or both are used. This usage is in no way intended to give offense to members of either sex.
  2. Medical information provided herein is general in nature and in no way establishes a physician-patient relationship between the author and the reader. Advice provided is not intended to replace that of the reader’s health care provider.  Readers are encouraged to seek care for any personal health complaints.
  3. Financial and other information provided herein is also general in nature and in no way constitutes a formal financial or legal recommendation to any readers. Please seek advice from a certified financial planner, lawyer or other expert in the area of your concern.
  4. Opinions expressed are solely those of the contributors and do not reflect the official positions of any government, church or institution other than the MD Harris Institute.
  5. Unless otherwise noted, every article, photograph or other item on this website is the creation of the MD Harris Institute and the property thereof.

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