Certificate Programs and Research Center – MDHI

The MD Harris Institute offers high quality educational programs in a variety of areas. Certificates are an excellent way to gain knowledge, skills, and credibility. Our focus is to train students to train others – to “teach the teachers.” These certificates can be earned 100% on-line (including video lectures) and can be completed within one semester (14 weeks).

Certificate in Bible

The MDHI Certificate in Bible is intended for people wanting to teach the Bible, whether Sunday School or Bible fellowship teachers, or pastors without formal Bible training who don’t have the time or money for a formal seminary education. Secondarily, our certificate is appropriate for Christians who simply want to know more about the Bible.

Certificate in History 

The MDHI Certificate in History is intended for people wanting to have a better understanding of history, whether high school students considering studying history as a profession, tour guides wanting to have a greater understanding of history as a whole, college students in the sciences and other non-history fields who want to understand the background of their discipline, tourists planning to travel and wanting a big picture. It is also excellent for pastors and Bible teachers hoping for greater depth in their teaching and an ability to link God’s work in the Bible to His work in history.

Certificate in World Religions

The MDHI Certificate in World Religions is intended for pastors, teachers, and anyone who wants a perspective on the multireligious world we live in. Understanding Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and other religions is key to grasping the cultures of nations across the globe, including America. It also aids people who want to know how to better handle the complex conflicts we find ourselves in.

Admission – complete the online application (Click here).

Tuition and fees – Our certificates are priced to fit within a tight budget. Tuition is $50 per credit hour. Scholarships are available to pastors who are in great financial need. Please provide payment on acceptance.

Research Center – MDHI

Our staff at the MD Harris Institute considers our students and alumni as part of our ministry team. Join Us! To maintain our academic freedom, the MD Harris Institute is not accredited and accepts no government funding.

Staff at the MD Harris Institute does research in various social and physical areas. Our analysis team members need your help, as our respondent team members, to solve perplexing problems of our time. Please take a few minutes to answer questions in one, several, or all the following subject areas. Your answers are private and will not be sold to or used by any others. Your privacy will be strictly maintained. Thank you.

Survey Projects – We have several projects that use survey data to make sociological discoveries.

  • Belief and Life Survey (Click here) – What do you believe about economics, health, marriage, relationships, and religion, and how can more accurate beliefs improve every area in your life?

Physical Projects – These studies make observations on the physical world.

  • Natural History of Little Beaver State Park, WV
  • Natural History of Accotink Bay, VA