Tae Kwon Do Poomse

Tae Kwon Do is great for the body; providing exercise, increasing flexibility, and improving body control. Tae Kwon Do is also great for the mind; teaching discipline, enhancing concentration, and focusing goals. Because it is important to practice the forms outside of class, information on the forms are below: Tae Kwon Do – Tae Geuk… Read More Tae Kwon Do Poomse

Living History at Gettysburg on the Sesquicentennial

Some families enjoy history. Mine has reconnoitered the fields at Saratoga, examined the batteries at Fort McHenry, walked the decks of the USS Wisconsin, and explored the beaches at Normandy.  On Independence Day weekend my oldest son David, my oldest daughter Anna, and I enjoyed another famous battlefield, Gettysburg. We arrived at the actual battlefield,… Read More Living History at Gettysburg on the Sesquicentennial

Surfing the Nations

In Wahiawa, one of the poorest areas on the island of Oahu, a group of Christian surfers is transforming their part of the community. Working through a nonprofit called Surfing the Nations, they have replaced a porn shop, liquor store and brothel with a coffee bar, antique shop and meeting room, home of the Surfer’s… Read More Surfing the Nations